Project X: Art – Contemporary. Alternative. Underground.

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Project X: Art is dedicated to showcasing art typically under-exposed and under-appreciated outside big city enclaves like Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. Sunny San Diego is indeed sleepy, but it's got heart - you just have to find it underneath the beach sand, burrito wrappers and gated community CC&R's.

Here's what we're after:

  1. Artists ready to strap on their crash-helmet berets and kevlar black turtlenecks for battle.
  2. The X Factor: newschool creation of all kinds. Original. Compelling. Progressive. Challenging.
  3. Early and mid-career talent currently underappreciated by the conventional fine art establishment.
  4. Emerging new talent getting lost in the artworld shuffle.
  5. Great work created by artists we'd be happy to drink a beer with while figuring out what makes them tick.


Genre? We Don't Need No Stinking Genre!

When it comes to genre, we're decidedly agnostic. Rather than a specific type or style of artwork, we're on the lookout for art and artists with fresh ideas, new perspectives and talent. While definitely sympatico with the "Juxtapoz" philosophy and aesthetic, we are by no means limited to lowbrow, pop surrealism or any other genre (in fact, the market seems to be getting a bit crowded with cute, big-eyed girls lost in ominous forests with cuddly animals and pop cultural references). That being said, if you're a traditional plein air master or water color diva, we're not the place for you. Other than that, its game on.